Cookie decorating – Part 1 of 2 – Segmented Easter Bunny Cookie Bouquet

I had to cut this video in half this is part 1 of 2 In this video you will see how to make cookie pops & decorate them.
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  1. montrealconfections says:

    it is in about me

  2. Ally Hall says:

    Do u have a website

  3. Ally Hall says:

    Where can I buy cookies d

  4. montrealconfections says:

    Hi cookies only take 15 min mine never burnt

  5. Anny Bakes says:

    Hi! The Lollipop stick will not burn while baking right?

  6. TheNaylababy says:

    I agree with you. I need to find a recipe that still keeps the form but her’s comes out to dry and sometimes to brown on the edges. So you could try her recipe but try to cook them a little different to not have dry or burnt edges.. I know there is a video on here that shows her cookie recipe

  7. TheNaylababy says:

    I just have to say this, your cookies come out brown on the edges alot. You should try to fiddle around with baking them so they come out some what soft. Cause just as important as being cute which you have that 100% they need to be kinda soft and yummy and not crispy edges..Sorry I feel bad saying that but I know if I got one I would care if they were burnt on the sides

  8. montrealconfections says:

    I explain it in the video watch at 2 minutes 30 seconds

  9. Jean Yim says:

    i was wondering why you decorate on the “baked” side of your cookies?

  10. 2012MiCara says:

    Videos are uploaded to your YouTube account via phone like a DROID. Then you go to All Comments section, below the box it says “Create a video response”, click on that and then send the video.

  11. 2012MiCara says:

    Don’t have an air brush, so I did the suggestion from Sweet Belle’s blog. Use a spritzer with gel and vodka. It works!

  12. E Enriquez says:

    What recipe do you use for the cookie dough? My cookies got a little deformed and the other with a different recipe don’t deform but are to dry :( 

  13. E Enriquez says:

    @2012micara how do you upload pics or videos to her?

  14. montrealconfections says:

    What a good idea!

  15. 2012MiCara says:

    I uploaded to you my video of the cookies I am baking now. I used the top of my carrot cookie cutter for the paws, it worked!

  16. montrealconfections says:

    I use the icing recipe from the book “Cookie Crafts”

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