Cookie Decorating: Cookie Pop Arrangements Cookie Pop Arrangements make for an eye-popping gift or centerpiece, and really aren’t as difficult as you might believe. Here’s…

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  1. KarensCookies says:

    Yeah, that would be a mess! But hey, they would be providing dinner AND dessert at the same time! :D

  2. dollroom says:

    hahaha – can you imagine if someone used cooked beans?! baha!

  3. lovelysister says:

    ok thankss

  4. KarensCookies says:

    I don’t have a lot of experience with eggless recipes, but you might check out our cookie decorator’s forum and ask the question there. There are lots more cookie decorators on there who might have more experience with that. Just go to cookiedecorator cot com.

  5. KarensCookies says:

    I baked the cookies and then attached the sticks to the bag. They’re kind of cheater cookie pops. :D You can see how I do it in the “Sneaky Cookie Pops” video.

  6. lovelysister says:

    u hv amazing videos…is thr any way u cud provide a perfect eggless cookies recipe/?? wud be very much appreciated..thanks :)

  7. trplaaries says:

    I like this a LOT!..and I just love your tissue paper technique. I could never figure how to get my tp to keep from wrinkling!

  8. vanbadai says:

    Very good information. I’m in a flower business and your video inspired me. Thank you:)

  9. marsuzzette says:

    Thanks for your time and the step by step =]

  10. suriagarden says:

    i notice that the stick dont adhere to the cookies…did u bake the cookies seperate from the stick?

  11. amberboo1016 says:

    awesome very creative maybe I could try this for Mother’s day

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