Cookie bouquet containers?

Question by missyd: Cookie bouquet containers?
I am looking for the pots they use (like Cookie by Design) to make my own cookie bouquets at home. Does anyone know where I can find these? They are like a terra cotta pot?? The cookies are on a stick and stand up in this pot.

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Answer by hugatunity
Be creative! You could use a terra cotta pot, but what if instead you used a toothbrush holder from your local homegoods store? It already has holes in it for the cookies, and would come in many different styles!

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  1. riversconfluence says:

    Your local craft store can help, they have a variety of suitable pots, and your can buy paint ‘specially desiged for terra cotta, and paint messages or designs, yourself. They have china, pottery, metal, plastic,most anything you would want.
    Also try the local gardening center, but hurry, some are about to close for the year.
    The only problem you might encounter is selecting a pot heavy enough to support decorated cookies and their dowels.
    And they sell cute little animals that hang onto the lip of the pot, might be real cute, especially if you know the recipient collects that animal.
    Good luck!

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