Cookie bar?

Question by Kat Woman: Cookie bar?
I am thinking of doing a cookie bar along with my candy bar. I was thinking of doing brownies and diffrent cookies in jars and having boxes to fill (They are all from a company called Vosgues). I was thinking;

Bianca Cookie
White chocolate + coconut + lavender flowers + Australian lemon myrtle

Caramel Toffee Cookie
Made with special bits of Bapchi’s Caramel Toffee, without nuts.

Costa Rican Cookie
single origin Costa Rican dark chocolate chips

Naga Cookie
sweet Indian curry + fresh coconut + pumpkin purée + Woolloomooloo milk chocolate chips

Red Fire Cookie
Mexican ancho & chipotle chillies + Ceylon cinnamon + cocoa powder + dark chocolate

Arriba Nib Brownies
A brouhaha of dense chocolate spun with the added crunch of Ecuadorian Arriba cocoa nibs

Do you think this is a good idea? Would you enjoy it? I figured the brownies are normal, and 2 of the cookies, so those guests who aren’t too adventurous would enjoy them. And those that like to try new things (c)
had a variety of options. Also the Bianca and Naga cookies I think would be a hit with our Indian guests..
Its more as a favor. And as its an indian wedding I was told cake isn’t very common. They will be serving indian pastry that I have a feeling my half of the guests (italian) may not enjoy.
It is really sweet of you to be concerned! I am being sincere not sarcastic (I just hate how I can’t convey emotion on here)

But it should be said we are actually having two weddings. This one is a Hindu affair in his parents backyard the week before our large wedding :) He is a very kind man and honestly lets me get whatever I want. But I saw no need for two wedding cakes.
^^ That was to FIZZYGURL^^

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Answer by Jade13
I love that idea! I think that it is very interesting and impressive to have such a variety of unique cookies, but also safe with the traditional ones. I think that your guests will love it!

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  1. PugMom says:

    Sounds delicious, but expensive.

  2. ~*BTB!6.14.08*~ says:

    Is this instead of cake? If so I think it’s a good idea. If it’s in addition to cake I think it would be too much.

  3. D4Pres2012 says:

    that’s a hell of a lotta choices, usually you just get cake for dessert. if you’re doing this in addition to candy (?) it will be overkill. are you going to feed your guests a meal or just give them sugar shock?

  4. zack's mom 10*26*07 says:

    interesting idea.
    the only ones that sound appitizing are the caramel toffee cookie, and the bianca cookie. id leave out the lavender flowers though

  5. lillis mommy says:

    I think it would be cool and unique.

  6. bbbarra says:

    I like it! The Naga cookie sound very interesting! Why not do something out of the ordinary!

    best wishes………………

  7. hot_sexy_redhead1982 says:

    I would give the cookies out as favors at each place setting. I personally sweet bars are a nightmare if kids are going to be there, and diabetics would not enjoy that sort of thing. One or two cookies as a sample would be enough to satisfy people and save money.

  8. Luna says:

    i wouldn’t like any of those cookies. maybe the caramel one, but none of the rest…. but you know your guests better, and if your having other options like candy and a pastry i’m sure it’d be fine.

  9. Jonny B says:

    Italians (at least the one’s here in the Northeast) expect a Venetian Table (don’t call it a cookie bar). It is almost a requirement at every Italian wedding. Here in Connecticut I think that they would have you arrested if you didn’t have one.

    ….and they had better be Italian cookies, or Aunt Lucille and Aunt Tina will hang you out to dry.

  10. fizzygurrl1980 says:

    Well, that’s a nice idea, especially since you’re not having a cake. But do you think you really need a cookie bar AND a candy bar, especially if there are also Indian pastries involved? It sounds really expensive, and it might turn out to be a waste of money, since I know very few people who are physically able to gorge themselves on candy, cookies, and Indian pastry, as well as a full meal. It might be a case of too much dessert.

    I do have another question for you, though- why are you allowing your Indian fiance to incorporate all kinds of Indian traditions and foods into your wedding reception, yet you are not able to even have a wedding cake as a compromise? As a fellow Italian-American, I plan on honoring my roots with a selection of Italian pastries, such as sfogliatelle and macaroon cookies from Ferrara’s Bakery, in addition to a small, traditional wedding cake. My fiance is of Hispanic origin (his family is all Spanish American, from New Mexico), and because of that, we are having our reception at a Mexican restaurant with classic Hispanic foods and a mariachi band to honor his relatives, but I would never consider doing the whole thing in the Hispanic culture without incorporating my Italian heritage as well. Isn’t that what marriage is about- bringing together two families from separate backgrounds in the name of love? If you’d rather not involve culture, then just stick with a plain old American wedding cake and some chicken and mashed potatoes or something, but don’t let one culture be present without involving the other culture at all, you know?

  11. spadezgurl22 says:

    honey your wedding sounds like its going to be fabulous, their are so many diverse choices and i would totally DIG the brownie bar! congrads!

  12. stamper says:

    I think it’s a great idea. Something they can enjoy later after they have gone home. I love trying new stuff, but to be honest hate paying for it! LOL! You know if you don’t like it your stuck!
    I think they all sound great and it’s definitely different. I would suggest only to change one of the cookie flavors to another choice that doesn’t have chocolate in it. It appears 5 of the 6 have some type of chocolate/cocoa in them, I personally love chocolate, but not everyone does. Maybe just add one more that doesn’t have chocolate in it! Go for it!

  13. Catherine E: VT says:

    OK…I’m drooling all over myself now.

    Thanks for helping me blow my diet. lol.

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