Convert cookie recipe to cookie bar recipe?

Question by Solunas: Convert cookie recipe to cookie bar recipe?
How can I convert my favorite cookie recipe to cookie bar recipe? More flour, less flour? I think there’s a trick to it.
It’s a basic oatmeal cookie recipe with some of the shortning being replaced by peanut butter.

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Answer by Earll
Just take you cookie dough and spread it on the cookie sheet rather than drop it on.

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  1. Kitty says:

    Just like earll says,,, no conversion needed,,,, just spread any cookie dough in a cake pan and make a bar ! SIMPLE and fast !! : )

  2. Swirly says:

    Unlike drop cookies, which use a soft dough, bar cookies are made with a fluid batter that needs a baking pan with sides for support to bake in.

    Cookie Bar Tips

  3. dawnee_babe says:

    Just watch the time closely–a full sheet of dough will probably take quite a bit longer to bake completely & maybe keep the oven temp around 350 degrees (to avoid over-baked edges)

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