Coconut Chocolate Balls Recipe (Gluten Free & No Bake Cookies)

Super easy, 3 ingredients, coconut chocolate sweets! They are gluten free and require no baking! Written recipe:…

  1. Mita M says:

    OMG, so easy and looks delectable. I have all the ingredients at home (including chocolate sprinkles), can make it in a jiffy.

  2. mialune says:


  3. Gemma Chiam says:

    Hmmm Um it’s truffles uh duh

  4. shaista farheen says:

    can i kp dat dove in a freezer foh whole nyt…???

  5. Mariam Twinkle says:

    Hi! Thank u for sharing with us ur delicious receipts! Can u plz tell me for how many truffles can we get with these ingrediants if we do the same size that u used?

  6. cookingwithalia says:

    so glad you like them :-) 

  7. Trish Raut says:

    Thankyou, i shall try it with condensed milk :)

  8. kalboussi sabrine says:

    You are wonderful, I love your receipts:)

  9. cookingwithalia says:

    it wont taste the same :-) also the consistency of coconut milk is different. You need the sticky factor of condensed milk.

  10. Trish Raut says:

    Love your videos <3 , could i use coconut milk instead of condensed milk? will it taste the same?.

  11. Angolina Rider says:

    u are making me hungiry

  12. Reem Muzahem says:

    I made these and they were very tasty, but I changed the recipe cause I didn’t have condensed milk and dark chocolate, and I was so lazy to go and buy them so,
    I added to the unsweetened coconut:
    Milk chocolate, honey and milk instead of sweetened condense milk, pinch of ground cinnamon

    Thanks Alia for the super easy and delicious recipe:)

  13. cookingwithalia says:

    yes :-) 

  14. san simi says:

    Is chocolate vermicelli the same as chocolate sprinkles?

  15. cookingwithalia says:

    awesome! :-) 

  16. Hina Majeed says:

    I made these yesterday for Iftaar (Ramadhan -= when we broke our fast) and I got compliments all round! Thanks Alia, you have a regular subscriber! <3!

  17. Paul Donaghy says:

    Thats not how I make it

  18. cookingwithalia says:

    you can put them in a container and place them in the fridge for a couple of weeks. Just take them away from the fridge and let them come to room temperature before eating them.

  19. Fathima Niyasa Pitche says:

    Hi alia , can i know how long can i keep this & if i make big quantity how can i store without paper cup

  20. laila atta says:

    hi alia me and my mom are Morocco and we love all your recipes and thank you for the amazing foods and we are part egyption and Syrian.:) please show us how to make tabola

  21. lovebird17feb says:

    I made these balls but after refrigerating they became so hard but inside they were norml. What im doing wrong or they are hard outside?

  22. Wile Coyote says:


  23. Dimanta says:

    Great recipe! At the moment I live in China where I do not have oven.. so Im super happy about these no-bake recipes :)

  24. Hanane Moujahid says:

    The ones rolled in coconut remind me of my childhood, too.
    +1 sub

  25. Crystalight2001 says:

    I made this recipe today, but I did it a little bit different.. What I did is that I added the sweetened condensed milk and didn’t add the chocolate. Then I dipped it in the chocolate after I made them into balls.. They tasted amazing!

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