Classic Shortbread Cookies – Video Recipe

I’ll show you how to make a delicious, classic shortbread cookie. Authentic shortbread only use 3 ingredients – flour, sugar and butter. This cookie will mel…
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Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that’s just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for Ch…
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  1. BakeLikeAPro says:

    Hi ToothyxoxRuthie, yes you could, you are getting into the territory of a Scottish shortbread, but it will still make a great shortbread cookie.

  2. ToothyxoxRuthie says:

    can we use brown suger in stead

  3. BakeLikeAPro says:

    Hi again abbodd, thank you for watching my videos, I appreciate it, and I am glad you find my videos good enough so that you feel like trying some of the recipes :-)

  4. BakeLikeAPro says:

    Hi abbodd, thank you for the nice comment, and thank you for watching !

  5. abbodd says:

    I’m from Saudi and I watch all the time and I’m cooking your food

  6. Panda105493 says:

    It’s a snowman and its up side down⛄❄

  7. Mellow888Mood says:

    are these cookies something special? english isn’t my first language and i dont know what shortbreadcookies are. are they sweet? beause there is no sugar in it.. what do they taste like? and dont just say good xD

  8. JennylXJ9 says:


  9. brooklynpeaches619 says:

    these cookies are great!!!!!! your brownies are awesome too

  10. Deborah Bergen says:

    Do u have the recipe for honey cookies, they sound so good I love honey.

  11. Deborah Bergen says:

    That’s a snowman silly bugger. Love your channel. Merry Christmas!

  12. hannanah01 says:

    I agree. But shortbread should be a bit crunchy. But not as crunchy as that.,

  13. vitoriarudolph says:

    They were obviously over cooked shortbread shouldn’t be crunchy and so dark. Plus the thumb nail was misleading.

  14. klwrulez says:

    Could you use regular granulated sugar?

  15. Jayyismylife122 says:

    Lol did anyone else see the fly?

  16. pagebly says:

    1 year ago yay

  17. Sabine Jorgensen says:

    gday are u aussie

  18. 2009razza says:

    2:30 it is a snowman upside down :D

  19. mavschick89 says:

    I’m going to make those.

  20. fierceXperfections says:

    i’ve mixed similar dough with my hands before. very messy and not as effective as a mixer…

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