Christmas Spritz Cookies Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 506

To get this complete recipe with instructions and measurements, check out my website: Cookie Press I Used:…
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  1. AleMartinezMexico says:

    Fyi the recipe on youre web page its sooo wrong!….you might want to take a look on it!

  2. Veronica Kim says:

    Can you use confectionary sugar

  3. Nick Santos says:

    I mean do we have to use cream cheese?

  4. Nick Santos says:

    Do you have to cream cheese?

  5. 1dalida1 says:

    omg! just saw that you replied to me! thanks a lot!! :D

  6. Ashely Scott says:

    lol pause at 1:38

  7. this1hmongFem says:

    Lol, that’s soo cute! (the ending with the eggs)

  8. DJas118 says:

    I looked up your age just out of curiosity, because I guessed that you were about in your mid-20s. Well, I was right! But I also found that your birthday is a day before mine! How cool!

  9. angel9999cake says:

    i didthat, it works just fine

  10. Sandra Sue Vung says:

    13 thumbs up = yes you can add extra 3oz butter? i just confuse.. :(

  11. Sandra Sue Vung says:

    hi laura..can i substitute cream cheese to more butter or vegetable shortening?

  12. xarcaz says:

    It’s spelled “Asian plincess”, silly.

  13. David James says:

    Im sorry for my spelling,i don’t talk english that much or write in it.
    I live in Serbia ,Pozdraav:D

  14. lovemijazz says:

    I made these too and they are so good and bite size, perfect for portion control.

  15. JustMeDuhhh says:

    No, Room temperature I guess not enough flour or something?

  16. Mary Giuliana says:

    I love all you videos I’ve watched them all. One question why are you not on national TV. If not the Food Network the Creat in Public TV.

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