Christmas Dog Cookies Shiloh and Shelby Husky help Make Dog Cookies!

Christmas Dog Cookies Shiloh and Shelby Husky help Make Dog Cookies!

Please Subscribe out our Website for more on Shiloh & Shelby Our Store! http Follow us on Twitter! Become Our Fan on Facebook! Our Blog Mail us stuff! Pictures, Drawings, Toys, Treats, Anything you want! (Some items will be donated to our local Shelter). And we may features the items in our videos! Gone to the Snow Dogs PO Box 12 Alpena, MI 49707 We decided to make Dog Treats for our dogs, and for all of their doggie friends! It was so much fun! And the girls helped out so much! They were so funny to watch! They were waiting to patiently for the cookies to come out of the oven! They smelled so good too! Apple Cinnamon Dog Treats Ingredients 1 c. Natural Applesauce(or chopped apple) 1 tsp. Cinnamon 1 Tbl. Parsley 1 c. Cold water 1/2 c. Veg. Oil 5 c. Flour 1/2 c. Powdered milk 2 large Eggs Directions: Preheat the oven 350 degrees. Combine all of the ingredients — add oil or water if dough needed. Roll out dough to desired thickness and cut into fun shapes using cookie cutters. Bake 20 -25 minutes until browned. Thanks so much for watching! We are having fun making these videos to share with you guys! Music by Thanks for Watching!

Get Recipe: Learn how to make those adorable looking, boutique dog treats with this super easy dog treat recipe that uses baby food. My pooch can never resists these homemade dog treats. Be creative and have fun! Happy dog treat making! Music by Kevin Macleod

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  1. John21610 says:

    thank you

  2. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:


  3. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:


  4. MrsLPS99 says:

    Shiloh’s like I DON’T CARE GIVE ME A COOKIE WOMAN!!!

  5. coolkidswithguitar says:

    i’ll tell dad to just get that color of a husky… :) ..
    thank you!

  6. John21610 says:

    If it was possible could a Siberian Husky live in NEVADA?????

  7. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:

    She is called a Sable and White

  8. Heyitsdoglover2001 says:

    i have a question do you have to live in the cold to have a huskey

  9. coolkidswithguitar says:

    what color of a husky is shelby?

  10. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:

    Just like it already says in the video description, 350. All of the information is in the video description written out.

  11. dogluver2222 says:

    What temp do you preheat the oven to??

  12. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:


  13. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:

    They are by far the best dogs!

  14. LilMissTravelPants says:

    Too cute!! Haha their eyes get all big, like, “Oooh, nommy! Yes yes yes!”

  15. Juana168 says:

    Huskies are the best dogs ever! I miss my Jack so much :( I don’t know why some people say they’re bad dogs. They are just loving creatures who take care of their families and share love and happiness!

  16. vickyjuliex says:

    @GoneToTheSnowDogs thank you!

  17. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:

    I am sure we will soon!

  18. GoneToTheSnowDogs says:


  19. vickyjuliex says:

    can you do some more dog cookies video? i just love watching the videos and wanna try some of your recipe!

  20. bellelune1 says:

    I have 3 corgis and they all loved it!! Which tells me its really good because they all have different food preferences and tastes. Thanks for this recipe :D

  21. BackwardsBoss says:

    Do you have to use whole wheat flour?

  22. iluvtack says:

    what in the world is carob??

  23. Smilelove72 says:

    Nice idea i just went to the pet store and bought a small bag of dog treats JUST LIKE yours my dog loves them but i wish i had seen this before i used 8$ on dog treats!!
    (But the way my dog is a chiwinnie :)

  24. DlaRacks101 says:

    o i couldive sworn she said chcolate!1

  25. fabulously15 says:

    carob actually

  26. fabulously15 says:

    gosh did you ppl bother listening to her at all she said it was carob (vegetable) not choclate

  27. fabulously15 says:

    i think it’s like a vegetable maybe related to the pea family

  28. fabulously15 says:

    she said it wasn’t choclate it’s carob

  29. DlaRacks101 says:

    i thougt dogs cant eat chcolate doe

  30. TheBumbleBunny says:

    Can you make macarons? :D

  31. zoetheshichon says:

    does the flour have to be whole wheat?

  32. iiroqzebra says:

    oops make not male

  33. iiroqzebra says:

    im going to male these for my chihuahua=)

  34. UndeniablyyFlyy says:

    Lol this is so cute!

  35. ayannaefaye says:

    i have a new obsession…your channel! loving it!

  36. Awillii says:

    lol look it up

  37. Heyitsdoglover2001 says:

    at 2:02 she said “oh that an interesting shape”

  38. iRepASavior says:

    BTW…Only way I am finding your vids is on your site…I un know why.

  39. iRepASavior says:

    Wow…I never knew about making doggie food. I will try this……when I get a dog…LOL. Interesting…thanks for sharing.

  40. prettythickjd says:

    im hungry now lol

  41. prettythickjd says:

    She so cute

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