Christmas Cookies Gift Giving Ideas –

Christmas Cookies Recipes here: Stephanie Jaworski of talks about the different ways to package cookies to give as Christmas gifts to your friends, family and co-workers. We welcome comments on our Facebook page:
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  1. gggardiney says:

    doggie at the back XD

  2. AOLOnRelationships says:

    great video!

  3. jylee2790 says:

    i love your doggy looking out the window :) !!

  4. notablesolutions4u says:

    A great Christmas cookie packaging and wrapping tutorial. Thanks!

  5. MolliMac38143 says:

    Can u be my grandmother? Pleeeaaase? :D

  6. kyvo24 says:

    a dog in the back !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. JoyofBaking1 says:

    We love your comments however due to our busy schedule questions on the recipes may take some time. We check our Facebook page more often so if you would like a quicker answer post your question there. A link to our Facebook page is in the description above.

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