Chocolate/Peanut Butter NoBake Cookies

mmmm, so delicious! Ingredients 2 C sugar 4 T cocoa 1 stick butter (salted or unsalted) 1/2 C milk 1 C peanut butter (smooth, creamy or both) 1 T vanilla 3 C…

  1. LukaIsntLuka says:

    lol…if you do that you’l just get mounds of chocolate. cause the chips
    will toootally melt on the stove…

  2. Kaitlyn Snook says:

    Mmmm….I’ll have to try this

  3. LukaIsntLuka says:

    did you try making them?

  4. LukaIsntLuka says:

    hmmm did they ever harden up for you? sometimes if humidity is high it
    takes a while.

  5. LukaIsntLuka says:

    @cali310love lol it SORT of is ;-) It’s Netherworld Shanty by Kevin McLeod

  6. Lam jed says:

    Hi I would like ot try them and surprise my husband with a new recipe; but
    do you keep the stove on till you are mixing the ingredients with oatmeal?
    or do you turn it off right after boiling the milk and coco? thanks.

  7. Datha Green says:

    Hey! I have this same recipe from my Mema! They are so so so good, but so
    sweet and I always eat the hole thing in one day so I don’t make them often
    or I’d die of too much sugar…I didn’t know that they were a popular
    recipe. I’d never heard of them except from Mema…

  8. LukaIsntLuka says:

    awesome! :-)

  9. MissouriAngel2 says:

    i used this recipe the same way you made them over an hour ago and they are
    still not hard.. Hmmm

  10. LukaIsntLuka says:

    @Commentgal12 glad you liked them :-)

  11. Freja Ostrom says:

    in goes the moo juice… made me missunderstand :L

  12. Marcy Rogers says:

    You’d already said “milk”. Don’t worry about people nit-picking EVERYTHING
    on here! That’s what some people like to do.

  13. LukaIsntLuka says:

    you totally could. they wouldn’t be exactly the same, but i think they’d be
    pretty tasty! :-)

  14. purpledinoX4 says:

    do you need to have the oatmeal???

  15. lulugemini says:

    If I have no cocoa, can I substitute chocolate chips somehow instead?

  16. LukaIsntLuka says:

    @haywood86 try doing a google search for incompetech. you will find the
    site :-) they are SO yummy! i hope you enjoy

  17. purpledinoX4 says:

    ok… thanks for the recipe!! i am going to make them right now!

  18. ElenaRox1994 says:

    This is the coolest recipe! Thanks a lot! But the music is so creepy and
    the way you say, 2:28 – 2:32! It sounded so haunted lol!

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