Chocolate Snowcap Cookies – Classic Holiday Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Snowcap Cookies - Classic Holiday Cookie Recipe

Learn how to make a Chocolate Snowcap Cookies recipe! Go to for the ingred…
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  1. Sana Meshari says:

    will you marry me ?

  2. Kyojin says:


  3. Timothy Brown says:

    This is the tale… of Tony Montana…

  4. Angela Seah says:

    I love the way u talk.. So honest and u hv nice voice.. *Wondering how u
    look like, man*

  5. tonton9598 says:

    they look like crinckles

  6. kristinandfriends says:

    Ooh these look so good! Must try

  7. SykesSwiftie says:

    Cool gonna try it (;

  8. marinamkd says:

    I was BEGGING for a recipe that calls for raw dough rolled in sugar! I
    PRAYED mine would turn out like so, but they didnt. Now I know why. BLESS

  9. Hazel Goh says:

    How would you recommend we store them?

  10. Lhi Yen says:

    here in the Philippines we called it “chocolate crinkles” and also one of
    my favorite cookies!

  11. Naila Hassam says:

    What percentage dark chocolate did you use? Thanks

  12. Bir git says:

    they look so good that i am now going to cook These :)
    how Long will they stay soft?

  13. mantra4ia says:

    I love this recipe! My first biggest problem was getting the powdered sugar
    to stick, but I fixed that by triple dredging the cookies ( dunk n roll
    x3). My second biggest problem was people inhaling these too quickly and
    choking on powdered sugar, so instead of making “snow caps,” I made
    cobblestone cookies and dredged them in a mix of powdered sugar and cocoa
    powder. Those were the best! Thanks for the crowd pleaser chef John.

  14. KariBaby8 says:

    You’re voice is so entertaining 

  15. Spanish Cooking says:

    Looks great! And I love your experiments. Congratulations for the show!!

  16. Raianna Jb says:

    can anyone find the recipe on the blog? i can’t seem to fund it

  17. Kitanya says:

    I’ll definitely bake some of these. They look so delicious <3

  18. antmsurvivorpokemon1 says:

    It’s so fattening >< Cookies < my biggest guilty pleasure…

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