Chocolate Shortbread Cookies-Food Network

Chef Alex makes chocolate shortbread cookies with a dipping sauce. This video is part of 12 Days of Cookies 2008 show hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Food Network chefs share how to make their favorite Christmas cookies.

  1. slonekettering25 says:

    She’s my favorite chef!!!!

  2. eezenwa says:

    this dessert is for ultimate fat-asses like me lol. Not only the cookie, but a dip as well.

  3. foodparadisetv says:

    Love your vid! Look at you. That’s really amazing! Let’s stay in touch. Let’s stay in touch! Check me out sometimes too!

  4. hodgrix says:

    shes such a bitch on chopped, and you can tell shes doing everything she can to hide it here on her show. well it comes across as rather boring, and, well, rather disappointing. i miss that bitch in u alex!

  5. 612Matthew says:

    That is one RUNNY dipping sauce for a cookie!

  6. fujio says:

    she’s so.. boring. I’m going to watch Giada and Ina now, bye.

  7. houchi69 says:

    tins of cookies everywhere? i think thats why you are fat, lady.

  8. ItalianMan143 says:

    she is the WORST

  9. BRANDINO C. says:

    I do not like this new face of food network whatsoever…..she sounds and even LOOKS so freakin’ boring…everything she does comes across dull and homely…there is no pizazz whatsoever – LOSE HER!

  10. mermaidstar7 says:

    She’s the judge from food network! I thought she was like one of the contestants then it hit me…haha

  11. laralovesmusic1 says:

    Sounds like a good recipie…

    I love her comment at the end…

    “So Festive!!” lol

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