Chocolate Cookie w/ Peppermint Chip Recipe?

Question by KerbyM: Chocolate Cookie w/ Peppermint Chip Recipe?
I had visited a local bake sale and ate this delicious chocolate cookie with green chips in it. When I bit into it I realized that the green chips were actually peppermint flavored. I want to recreate this recipe but have been having a hard time trying to figure out what/how the green chips came to be. They were not crunchy peppermint candies but looked like green chocolate chips. Does anyone have the recipe or knowledge of how/where to get these soft peppermint chips?

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Answer by musicimprovedme
Andes makes a mint chip (creme de menthe), in the choc chip aisle and should be a good time of year to find them. This is chopped up version of the “hotel mint” and they come in a bag just like the other specialty chips, Heath chips, etc.

Here is a link and a pic of what you are looking for.

(The green ones are soft and chocolatey. The red ones are crunchy like Starlight mints chopped up.)

I don’t know if this is what you are thinking of, but I have used these before and they are fabulous. As for the recipe, your typical choc chip cookie recipe, like Toll House or from any other package of chips, should be fine with this as a sub for the choc morsels.

Happy cookies and Merry eggnog.

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  1. c0wpuff says: You can use a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and then sub half for peppermint. Or you can buy Nestle’s new chips where it’s dark chocolate and peppermint chips in a bag. You can go buy peppermint chips from the grocery store. Pavillions, Safeway, etc.

  2. adrian<3 says:

    They make peppermint flavored chocolate chips. You can get them at any grocery store.

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