Chocolate cookie recipes with no cocoa powder?

Question by Quaque: Chocolate cookie recipes with no cocoa powder?
I want to bake some chocolate cookies but I don’t have any cocoa powder. I only have a dark chocolate bar. Anyone know a recipe for chocolate cookies that doesn’t use cocoa powder?

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Answer by Nana Lamb
loads of good cookie recipes here, so bookmark this site for future reference:

I will leave it to you to sift through and find what you need to make cookies when you don’t have cocoa!!

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  1. Has says:

    Just melt it down with some butter and add it to the recipe instead of the powder.

  2. desiree Jödden says:

    Yes,they are even better with real chocolate than with powder! Either just cut chocolate in small cubes and mix with batter or melt half of the chocolate mix with batter for darker cookies and mix with rest of cut chocolate with it.

  3. castlerainblue says:

    There aren’t that many cookie recipes that require cocoa powder, most just use chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, candies or other ingredients. This is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, it would be perfect for using your dark chocolate bar, just cut it up into small-ish chunks.

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