Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies – Honeysuckle Catering

Do you love chocolate chip cookies? Well, these shortbread cookies are like that beloved classic with a crunchy twist! DAILY UPDATES:…

  1. Anna Lee says:

    Can i use white sugar?

  2. Jhuynhx says:

    how many cookies does this recipe make ?

  3. Honeysuckle Catering says:

    yay!! enjoy! :) 

  4. jovidancefreak says:

    ahhh i found the problem! I did another badge with with half your measurements but this time i added half a cup more flour.. it turned out great! thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  5. Honeysuckle Catering says:

    hi there! hmm… was it cold enough before baking? im thinking that might be the problem, but perhaps you could mix the flour with the butter more to make sure that it’s well combined. halving it shouldn’t be a problem. let me know how it works out for you!

  6. jovidancefreak says:

    My cookies spread to a normal chocolate chip cookie.. its crunchy though.. what went wrong? :(
    I did half of your recipe cause i thought of making a smaller badge

  7. Dareen Abdullah says:

    how do u manage to stay so thin with all of these wonderful recipes? <3

  8. Abigail Cartaphus says:

    derp, in the fridge, not the freezer

  9. Jhoell Hul says:

    She always has a different kitchen aid

  10. mynameisannaliza says:

    My cookies kept breaking from cutting it frozen.

  11. Bunnyandkarots says:

    but i roll these out and cut them with cookie cutters?

  12. Yoshua Albert says:

    use grinder to grind the granulated sugar and you can use mesh to remove the grit

  13. Ying Ying Poon says:

    2 stick of unsalted butter = 1 cup?? I bought one stick of 227g unsalted butter…

  14. YingMoh says:

    Hi, my cookies batter are wet and hard to roll it into a log because it’s super wet and watery. But in the end it turns out fine, the shape wasn’t nice as yours. Any suggestions??

  15. Tim Dillian says:

    Hi. I was wondering, if I let it chill more than 1-2 hours, will that be ok? like if I leave it in the fridge overnight, will that be alright? Thanks!

  16. Kelly Koh says:

    wat happens if i over mix them ?????

  17. katharine2 says:


  18. Huang Stella says:


  19. Ultra Pink says:

    I like it’

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