Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe (with Free English Lesson)

Chocolate Chip Biscuits should be slightly crispy on the outside and lovely and chewy on the inside. Recipe at…

  1. AfkarKarim says:

    Goddamn it I wish brown sugar was sold in Indonesia! I guess i’ll just
    order it online…

  2. Adrienne Pereira says:

    We never use melted butter in the states, always soft butter. You won’t
    have to chill the dough then.

  3. Sarah McKhan says:

    lol you are so cool!

  4. CrystalKristine says:

    I finally got that fanny pack joke

  5. m saleem says:

    ~ Titli nihaan your an awesome lady, you waste your time for us idiots + I
    have noticed your recipes are very easy and very basic, therefore are very
    easy to follow, and also when you say Biscuits you put a lot of pressure on
    the B, I also love your introductions, you make my day!! I hope you can
    make more humorous videos as I would love to hear from you everyday :) 

  6. nopotchef says:

    your nuts ! but really good fun

  7. cncgamingfactory says:

    *lol* The lesson at the end made me giggle. I have lived 2 years in the UK,
    adding all the ins and outs of British-English, when I then moved to USA…
    Boy was my Norwegian brain confused, and my future husband and I had a few
    arguments about what was what. ;) 

  8. Hansa Hussain says:

    I nearly pissed my self 

  9. Jordan Stewart says:

    In England, if you call cookies biscuits do you call biscuits cookies?

  10. Jawad Abidi says:

    Hi Titli! I was wondering whether it would be okay if you could make a
    video on simple vanilla cookies. I know that I could always just take the
    choc chips out of this recipe, but I’m not so sure. :) 

  11. Ymel Y says:

    This is a bogey and this is pervert, muhaha. But the cookie must be

  12. James Gordon says:
  13. Katríne V says:

    Made these for my friend’s birthday and she loved them! Thnx Titli ;) <>

  14. UKjaydee says:

    hahahahahahahaha love you

  15. pang Wing says:

    oo..fanny pack

  16. Callie Honey says:

    Haha love you titli!

  17. Rose Timmins says:

    Any large supermarket should sell them – just look in the cake decoration

  18. amirah a says:

    can u tell me where can i found the chocolate chips please

  19. Arnel Thomas Joy says:

    my children was watching while u said the last bit but you are a realy good
    cook i was on masterchef australia

  20. Joe3Ness says:

    Apple tart/pie actually originates from England not USA :- ) Great recipe,
    thanks for the uploads!

  21. C Carmine says:

    waylikum musalam

  22. Miiko Kubo says:

    she’s funny..

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