Chocolate Chip Cookies {gluten, dairy, egg, nut & refined sugar-free!} NotDeprived_Becca’s Kitchen

Chocolate Chip Cookies {gluten, dairy, egg, nut & refined sugar-free!} NotDeprived_Becca's Kitchen

Revised recipe*** The last few times I’ve made these I eliminated the egg, upped the applesauce to 2/3 – 1 full c and reduced the arrowroot flour & flaxse…

Recipe below. Subscribe to Hungry for more tasty recipes and how-to guides: Substituting brown rice flour and corn starch for regular fl…
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  1. Nat Isaacs says:

    These are great, I love the avocado, thanks for sharing. My son has an oat allergy so I used 1/4 teff flour, 1/4 sorghum, 1/4 coconut flour, and 1/4 white rice. I put one chunk of the “Enjoy Life” (dairy, egg, wheat, gluten, soy, peanut, free chocolate chunks) on top to reduce the amount of sugar.

  2. Rabin Maharjan says:

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  3. notdeprived says:

    Great! I hope she likes them!

  4. UberMummy says:

    Brilliant recipe, my sister is sugar free so shall pass it on

    Thanks x

  5. seachangeau says:

    OMG amercicas answer to Nigella – loves to eat but FUNNY

  6. YPrtn says:

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  7. Misha Dyachko says:

    Hello! I’m Taylor.I did -40 lbs in two months.Open

  8. Becky Cheek says:

    You’re hilarious!

  9. mark kutscher says:

    you don’t like crazy people but you are crazy people!

  10. Emir Imran says:

    Who else merely comes here to look at how Alex makes us crack up?? XD

  11. hanaashley02 says:

    Mmm I meant

  12. hanaashley02 says:


  13. Arisa Yasaratne says:

    you are so like Jennifer Lawrence :) (thats a good thing ;) )


    Hello, I watched your video, and the cookies look very yummy, however I was wondering if I could use guar gum instead of xanthan, because of the GMO’s that xanthan is made of? Thanks…by the way, your skin looks radiant.

  15. Dina Stein says:

    can I use ANY kind of gluten free flour. I live in a country where you can’t really find gluten free things to cook with. So…hopefully it will work.

  16. Audiofreund2 says:

    thanks thats nice. good luck for you too :)

  17. snowblo1 says:

    Hi, yeah, in all honesty, if your reasons for eliminating dairy is strictly due to weight lost issues, then I would probably go another route; and just try to consume those things in moderation the best you can. I do realize that that can be quite difficult. Believe me, I have my troubles with “portion size” too. However, there’s still a significant amount of carbs & sugars in nut “milks”. I chose this lifestyle because I felt I didn’t have many other options. Good luck to you on your journey

  18. Audiofreund2 says:

    well “heath wise”: I was overweight since I was 13. now I am 25 and after downs and ups and downs and ups with the weight ( low fat diet followed by A LOT of emotional eating because of big problems) I had to find some way to get along with my weight. so I decided to do atkins. eliminating sugar was really helpful (also for tooth decay) but then weight loss stopped and so I am thinking about eliminating dairy products to continue the weight loss.

  19. snowblo1 says:

    Hi there, yes, for me personally, I think my giving up dairy has benefited me greatly. Especially my mental health. Overall, I don’t think dairy products are good for any of us. I believe that the FDA has been feeding us one big fib as to why they say milk is healthy. But please, don’t let that solely be your reason for eliminating dairy. When I first made this decision, I trusted no one’s info, I researched it on my own. May I ask, is there something that you’re going through health wise?

  20. snowblo1 says:

    Yeah, I guess it’ll be correct to describe myself as “gluten & dairy sensitive”. Not really allergic, or intolerant. But the topics such as these, gluten, dairy, & refined sugar free, are subjects that I can discuss forever and a day. Now that I’m involved in this “world,” there’s no turning back. And besides, I just find it so freakin’ fascinating. Do you want to e-mail? I’ll leave a message on your page? Thanks!!!!

  21. Audiofreund2 says:

    did it change something in your “health”, do you feel something ? (without dairy products). I am thinking about quitting eating dairy products. thanks

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