Chinese Cookies !

Chinese Cookies !

See title.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. boneeman4 says:

    dont put your hand in the toilet! PEOPLE MAKE DOODIES IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mimikawaii7386 says:

    OMG your toilet didn’t flush them! I think that’s the first thing it couldn’t flush

  3. jade2360 says:

    how much do you spend on all this food?

  4. cherrypnda says:

    0:49 is the most butiful thing in the world

  5. sabrinastar2005 says:

    Me too. I would like to have one now.

  6. levelat350 says:


  7. totodog1999 says:

    they  look nice

  8. japaneseeraserfan18 says:

    U r the strongest person I know I realy don’t know any one who can snap a rock in half

  9. helmond92 says:

    im too young to do that, im oly 9 years old.

  10. helmond92 says:

    im too only 9 yr old.

  11. AdamDiddy says:

    Make some pie !

  12. helmond92 says:

    your videos make me hungry

  13. Cruzian012 says:

    What’s your last name?

  14. HaModel says:

    Red is my favorite color too.

  15. dimmddr1 says:

    Have you tried chloroform?

  16. zunipus says:

    Indigo Blue (my favorite color)
    Tahini (sesame butter)
    Dolphin Safe (the only kind of cookies I eat)
    Dark Chocolate Chip With Walnuts (my favorite cookie)
    Japanese Green Tea (my favorite beverage to drink with cookies, besides milk)
    The Can (what is more valuable, the cookies or the can they came in)
    Never (when I would eat any food imported from China)
    Don’t Send (the free chinese sesame cookie, but thanks for offering)

  17. agentspymonkey says:

    Dont kill the dogs!!!!!!!!!!

  18. TheOnlygCrusher says:

    1:59 – …awkward…

  19. ph33rbot101 says:

    Y u do dis. Dis eats?

  20. jimbo44556 says:

    I dont wanna see a faggot eat, I wanna see a fatass eat bring him back!

  21. stubryanfull says:

    i have never tasted a penut butter cookie

  22. K1dP5ycho says:

    I did that, but then I realized the truth…. THERE IS NO COOKIE. O.O

    …. damn it.

  23. queenpoisonapple says:

    My favorite colour is black, you guys crack me up, and please mail me my cookie.

  24. JohnAllenSoares says:

    We have like four other channels… Nobody watches them. That’s why we started putting everything here.

  25. jimbolimboboy says:

    Waiting for my free cookie :P

  26. Battlejitni says:

    all you have to do is open your mind

  27. Battlejitni says:

    so would we. Hopefully soon.

  28. ImTheDaveman says:

    “What the hell are you doing!?” – and the letters on your hoody sweat shirt says it all! LoL. Well – Since Justin always returns from the dead I’m sure you can too. Slip one of those cookies in my email. Gotta try one :-)

  29. toyaction says:

    You could stuff those with custard

  30. Frellyouall says:

    I “liked” the video. Where’s my goddamn cookie?

  31. Aristophile says:

    you don’t need to move the videos
    I would like to see more vacuum consortium though

  32. dorkduchessdebbie says:

    My favorite color is green. I can’t quite make up my mind whether Justin was angry because you hijacked his show or because those were his cookies haha.
    Also that bit about having to have dogs put down was disheartening, I do hope none of that is based off anything really happening because that’s always horrible to go through.

  33. leodavidf says:

    John, I have a suggestion… Please put these eating videos on another channel and keep it separate from the Battle Jitni Universe. Same with the racing/car stuff. Thanks for hearing me out.

  34. Kellanncrafts says:

    My favorite color is green, chartreuse to be exact! No cookie for Justin….hehehe!

  35. AnimalCrossingFor3DS says:

    Next time, include death.


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