Chewy Ginger Cookies: Cookie Jar #21

Spicy, chewy and pure old-fashioned goodness! For the recipe go to:

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  1. KirstensALoser says:

    I’ll have to try these! I also have a video on my channel on how to make ginger snaps(:

  2. Cmpunkgtschrisjerick says:

    Can I use White Suger or do i have to u brown suger

  3. harwoodpodcast says:

    I wouldn’t. I think it would be too strong tasting. -Cindy

  4. Mamako0 says:

    Can I use fresh ginger?

  5. harwoodpodcast says:

    Use your beaters. The dough hook is just for kneading bread & pizza dough. -Cindy

  6. xxTeamxHarryxx says:

    These look absolutley delicious! I have a Sunbeam mixer that has no paddle attachment. Should I use my beaters or dough hook?

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