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Cookie Decorating Book: Learn The Art of Decorating

Cookie Decorating Book: Learn The Art of Decorating

Cookies are delicious to eat and can be eaten any time of the day. Why not try making delicious cookies all by yourself. Today there are different types of cookie decorating book that can help you prepare delicious and yummy cookies. These books provide you with not only mouth watering recipes but also different ways of decorating your cookie.

Everyone likes to eat cookie especially children who may love to eat every day. Don’t you want to give tasty and decorated cookies to them or have it yourself? This book gives a different look to your cookies that attracts the attention of your guest. Moreover the tips provided in this book are simple and easy to understand.

Cook decorating book provides you essential tips and guidelines that can help you in decorating cookies. With the help of this book you can give an attractive look to your cookies. Purchase cookie decorating book to decorate cookies for Christmas celebration, birthday party or a picnic trip.

Cookie Decorating Book: Features
The main feature of this book is that it contains some of the best tips to decorate your cookies. Even though it acts as cookie decorator it is available at a very reasonable and affordable price. It contains step by step instructions and attractive pictures so as to render special guidance. It contains easy and simple project work for its user.

Cookie Decorating Book: Advantage
Cookies decoration book not only contains cookies decoration tips but it also provides various cookie making recipes, which is an added advantage. With the guidance of this book you can decorate the cookies in a unique manner.

You may have tried Cake Decorating Book or some other Decoration Books but it is the best time to try Cookie Decorating Book as it is available at best reasonable prices that make up your cookies. You can get wide collections in Cookie Decoration Book that makes your purchase beneficial.

If you are a professional cookie maker you can extract much greater benefits that enhance your professional skill. Decorate your best cookies just like your grandma use to decorate.

About the Author – By Isabella Rodrigues
Published: 5/22/2006

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Tips for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Tips for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

There’s nothing better than eating a pile of chocolate chip cookies while drinking a tall glass of ice cold milk. Whether you are a kid or an adult, this time- tested recipe should bring a smile to your face and perhaps make you emit a contented sigh. Oh yes, we all know how to eat those little pieces of heaven, but how exactly do you make them?

Here are some tips to help you:

1) Use the freshest ingredients – This will definitely help you make sure that your cookies are of the premium grade. Remember that old computer principle “Garbage in, Garbage Out”? Well, that works with cookies, too. Despite how well you bake an item, if it’s made of crappy ingredients, it won’t turn out well.

2) Experiment – Although you might think that your grandma’s recipe is the best, you should definitely try to create your own variation of the cookie recipe. The most basic thing you can do is to change the amount of chocolate you put in. Remember that this affects not only the taste, but the texture of the cookie as well. Nestlé’s research once showed that people felt that the ideal cookie had to have sic to ten chocolate chips. Only a few people actually wanted more.

Another thing you can do is play around with different types of chocolate. Sure, it would be most convenient for you to use those pre-packaged chocolate chips, but in order to come up with the perfect cookie recipe, you have to live a little and do some hard work. Try chopping up a chocolate bar into chunks. You could also try to use candy-covered chocolate like M&M’s to top your cookies.

You should also experiment with other ingredients. Changing around the quantity of shortening, the butter and the shortening can affect the texture of the cookie. You should know that people have different tastes when it comes to the cookie’s texture. There are those who like it moist and soft while other like it dry and hard, providing great contrast with the milk and chocolate.

3) Storage – Chocolate has an unbelievably long shelf life. Milk chocolate can actually be stored for about six months, while dark chocolate can be stored for as long as a year. If you intend to store chocolate for your baking needs, you need to make sure that you follow the right procedure.

Store them in sealed containers so as to prevent moisture from seeping through and develop the whitish film called “bloom” on the surface. Although this film is harmless, it can be quite unattractive. You also shouldn’t expose your chocolate to hot temperatures. Although freezing is okay if you plan to bake with it, you shouldn’t expose it to temperatures above 78 degrees as this may cause it to melt.

You might think that there’s vary little difference between melted and solid chocolate if used for baking especially since you can just freeze it and it will turn solid again. However, you should realize that melting actually causes the cocoa butter to separate and your chocolate will lose some of its creaminess.

4) To nut or not to nut – Nuts can be quite controversial in baking a cookie. There are people who swear that nuts make all the difference in their baking while there are those who just hate it. Actually, most Americans prefer their cookies without nuts. This is primarily because of the texture.

If you want the nutty flavor without the texture, you should try grinding some nuts into the mixture instead of adding whole or chopped ones.

5) Burn, baby, burn – A burnt cookie is an inedible cookie. Although the best way to avoid burning your cookies is to maintain constant vigilance, there are a few other steps you should try out. First you should make use of a shiny baking pan. This will help prevent burning. You should also know that when you make use of thin pans, the cookies are likely to burn.

Another thing you should do is make use of only the top and middle racks of the oven. This will help you make sure that the chocolate chip cookies burn evenly and that none are exposed to too high temperatures.

About the Author – For more information on chocolate, please visit:  By Nathalie Fiset
Published: 9/15/2007

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How I Made Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

How I Made Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

I was sitting there watching one of my favorite tv shows when a cookie craving hit me. As I watched one of the main characters take her chocolate chip cookies off the baking sheet, I drooled at the prospect of some freshly baked cookies.

I wanted something that was easy, quick, and didn’t require me to go out and buy ingredients. So I searched the Internet, figuring peanut butter cookies would do the trick. I was surprised to find a peanut butter cookie recipe that didn’t require flour. In fact, it didn’t require many ingredients at all.

My curiosity peaked, I tried it out:

Flourless, 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

1 cup sugar (or 3/4 cup, if you prefer)

1 large egg

1 cup peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)

Combine sugar and egg in mixing bowl, stirring until smooth. Add peanut butter and mix thoroughly. Roll into walnut-sized balls.

Place the balls on ungreased cookie sheet(s) at least 2″ apart. Flatten with the tines of a fork, then turn the 90 degrees and use fork again t create cross hatches.

Bake 10 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit (or until done). Let cool in pan for 1 minute before removing to cooling rack. Leaving them on the sheet for too long will make them hard.

Yes, the cookies are soft after they come from the oven. I don’t know how long they stay soft out in the open though, as I had a couple of cousins come over while they were baking and we all pretty much destroyed the cookies.

Still, if you plan on keeping them (or any other type of cookies for that matter) for a while, then put a slice of bread on the bottom of an air tight container and place the cookies on top. If you have any cookies left when the bread gets hard, replace the piece of bread.

I hope you try this peanut butter cookie recipe and love it. I know I’ll be pulling this one out whenever a cookie craving hits me again.

Get Your Just Desserts twice monthly at: . Tried and true dessert recipes from an average Jane who just loves experimenting with baking.By Kori Puckett

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How Do Fortunes Get Inside Fortune Cookies?

How Do Fortunes Get Inside Fortune Cookies?

Have you ever sat in a Chinese restaurant and wondered how the fortune got inside that little golden cookie? It seems like a complex piece of origami, but it really is quite a simple process.

After the fortune cookie went public in America around 1914, people fell in love with the little delicacy. Although stories differ as to exactly who invented the cookie and where, it is agreed that the cookie was born in California and appeared at the 1915 San Francisco World’s Fair. A purely American creation, the cookie is not native to China as most think. But what would a Chinese meal be without the crisp goodie to look forward to? After all, we have to find out what our future holds.

So, how do they get those bits of wisdom inside the cookie? Back in the day, workers, such as those at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company, would pour a 3 inch circle of batter onto a pan. It would cook quickly and the worker would pull it off the bake top with chopsticks, place the fortune paper on the cookie, and then, using the chopsticks, bend it into its well-known form. This process became an art form as workers’ hands carefully formed the cookies.

It is only relatively recently that the fortune cookie met up with modern technology. In San Francisco in 1974, a man named Edward Louie, Lotus Fortune Cookie Company’s owner, devised a machine that could automate the fortune cookie making process. He called his technological advance the Fortune III. His machine used the same basic methods of pouring out a disc of batter and baking it. Only now, the cookies, while still warm, could be picked up by metal pincers, have a fortune laid down on them, and be folded into the classic crescent shape – all in a matter of seconds.

The reason these cookies can be folded when hot is due to the properties in sugar. The batter basically consists of flour, sugar, water and eggs. When heated, these ingredients are malleable for a few seconds before they harden to a shiny, hard surface. Those precious few seconds mean a fortune can be included as part of the treat.

Now, automated machines can fold up to 8,000 cookies every hour. That’s a lot faster than the hand done versions. And it’s just as well because the demand has grown over the years for this crispy Confucian confection. People are now ordering custom fortune cookies for their weddings, birthday parties, corporate and business events and even as sympathy messages.

They now come in every size from tiny to gigantic. You can order them in just about any flavor you like including chocolate dipped with candy embellishments.

Today’s fortunes range from wise sayings to lottery numbers. People are customizing their sayings to include marriage proposals, business logos and just about everything else you can imagine. For a small fee, companies online will insert any saying you want into the cookie of your choice. It’s a delightful surprise to see a personalized saying inside a fortune cookie. No other cookie on the planet is considered a bearer of sage advice.

Although few people would list the fortune cookie as the best tasting cookie, it is considered a fun cookie in a class by itself.

Betty Ann Sherman is a mother and a baker of tasty treats. She has a special passion for baking cookies, pies, cakes, and everything wonderful. Check back for updates from Betty on her delicious treat adventures.

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