Candy Bouquets By: Kakes Katering and More

Kakes Katering & More Presents: Candy Bouquets.

how to make chocolate & candy bouquet.

This is one of the best gift idea…

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  1. Kakes Katering says:

    Thank you Rashana I am glad you liked it :)

  2. Rashana Pippiens says:

    I Love it!

  3. Annaliza Hernandez says:
  4. Leticia Rodriguez says:

    Thank you! Hadn’t made bouquets with lollipops until recently, but felt
    they were too bare. The filler tissue makes a big difference! You’re so
    kind to share your ideas. Thanks again!

  5. munzar707 says:

    Woww…loved it..! Thank you :)

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