Candy Bouquet

Mason shows you how to make a Candy Bouquet for a gift, or as he says, just to decorate your house! “It’s what kids do, it’s how they are, they like candy!”

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  1. rayraygrul143 says:

    You did a great job Mason, I will be making one for my daughter.. Thank you and stay sweet..

  2. Debbie Clanton says:

    The mirror is such a cute addition to the candy ,
    to see how sweet u r ! I will have to do that to mine.

  3. Betty Nelson says:

    Great job.u have a nice since of humor

  4. TheBlackdiamond81 says:

    Omg! U r soooo cute, luv your tut, (a mirror so u can c how sweet u r) Classic. Keep the tuts coming

  5. TheLittle1523 says:

    I wish there where more kids like you

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