Can you please give me easy ideas for fund raising?

Question by troy m: Can you please give me easy ideas for fund raising?
Hello. My group and I are planning to do a fund raising even that will last from now until mid march. Its a small group of 7 but we need about 5,000.00 So if you guys could give me small or big ideas on how to raise money I would really apreciate it thanks a bunch and have a nice day!

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Answer by Meg
go from house to house

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  1. jORDANgIRL says:

    car washes, however…it’s wintertime!
    you can go to the KrispyKreme website, they do fundraising things. Plus, it’s wintertime! People loooove to get fat when it’s cold!

  2. -*JeNn* (blondie:) says:

    you could have a bake sale at your local grocery store. making the items would be fun and easy! also put out a donation box too that way people may give extra money. good luck!

  3. 12Deborah10 says:

    Pajama Day
    Dress Up day
    no talking day
    cake sale
    sell things you dont want
    have a tin you just put your spare change in

  4. JustChillin says:

    car wash
    selling items (cookie, candy, candles and other things)
    ask for donation (remind them it is tax deductible)

  5. Claire says:

    Recently, my band had a Christmas Tree selling fundraiser that made quite a bit. Even though christmas is over, you can still make some money fundraising during valentines day, easter, st. patrick’s day, etc. For the first, you could sell boxed candies or heart shaped cookies, and make your own valentines to sell. For easter, you could make chocolate and bunny/chick themed baskets to sell. For St. Patrick’s day, you can buy green sparkly hats and glasses from a party store to sell. But these are just holiday fundraisers. The best fundraiser that I’ve ever seen, overall, is selling chocolate bars. I’m sorry that I don’t know the name of the company, but there’s this one fundraiser company that has boxes with $ 1 chocolate bars in them. The great thing about this is that almost everybody loves chocolate, so you pretty much can’t go wrong. There’s also selling cookie dough, though I find that people are less inclined to buy this than they are chocolate bars. Anyways, hope that helps, and good luck!

  6. sassy25 says:

    It is illegal for anyone not a member of a registered not profit to solicit donations. You cannot ask for donation but must earn the money. Everyone go get a job.

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