Can you freeze spices to make them last longer?

Question by Tonya F: Can you freeze spices to make them last longer?
I am single and cook often. I have a lot of spices and I know that I have had some for a really long time because I only use them for certain dishes (cream of tartar when making holiday cookies, etc.) Am I able to freeze the spices that I buy at the store and if so, how much longer do they last?

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Answer by xfildchild
it depends on the spice. Herbs freeze better than certain ground spices. If you can buy whole spices and freeze them that way, and then grind them before you use them that is better, too. For a comprehensive guide to spices and how to care for them, go to They have an entire section about spices that has been put together by chefs and cookbook authors that I find quite helpful.

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  1. Sandi G says:

    By spices do you mean things like Parley, Cilantro, rosemary type of stuff? If so…then yes you can. My family does that. Just chop it all up and put it in freezer tight ziploc bags so they don’t get freezer burn and u should be good for couple of months…my mom keeps it for about a year and it’s still good. If you meant something else…sorry don’t know then.

  2. Renzo says:

    If the spices are whole, not ground there really is no reason to freeze them they will last about a year in the cabinet

  3. colinacalle says:

    Freezing spices will only add to the problem of adding humidity to the spices which in turn will ruin them much quicker . Keep them dry & should last for years .

  4. Michelle says:

    In theory you could freeze almost anything, but do you want to compromise the flavor by doing this. Most spices it kept at their ideal temperature can last as long as 12 months. As far as cream or tartar…store in a cool, dry and dark place away from bright light, heat and moisture. Will keep from up to 2 years.

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