Can you bring dog treat(cookies, bones) on an airrplane???

Question by J.J.: Can you bring dog treat(cookies, bones) on an airrplane???
Traveling in the US on an hour flight and wanted to bring friends dog some of her favorite treats. Was not sure if I could bring dog cookies or like some sort of dog bones, edable of coarse, on board. Would really appreciate valid information, considering I dont exactly wanna get stopped at the gate!

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Answer by Marii K
don’t think so….

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  1. Veewilson says:

    I would guess that so long as they are sealed in a bag or wrapping you should, no customs if it is an interstate flight, but why not just ring the airline & ask – save any worries!

  2. alex says:

    yes its not liquied or any thing illigel

  3. jazzismylife1004 says:

    If you check the label and there is nothing that could be considered explosive material, which there shouldn’t be, it should be alright to bring it on the plane. If they are not a liquid or gel-like substance you should be fine.
    If not, which is VERY unlikely, you can always go and check it in your luggage.

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