Can you bring cookies onto LOT Polish Airlines?

Question by Joanna J: Can you bring cookies onto LOT Polish Airlines?
I am going to poland and im taking LOT. I want to bring cookies from family dollar (specifically:Familygourmet:Oatmeal Raisin Soft Cookies) and i read on LOTS website that you cant have products with milk in it. sadly these have “traces of … milk) i was wondering if i put these in a ziploc bag would it be okay? thank youu

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Answer by Remster
It would have helped if you quoted the websites.
LOT may have its own policies, like not allowing people smoke electric cigarettes, but I heard of no airline that stipulates the contents of your hand-luggage above propagating the security restriction pertinent to the current aviation law. I have flown with LOT many times and at no times they even looked into my bag.

Of course the departures security did look and so did the Polish customs upon arrival. Which, unless you specify otherwise, is what I assume you are referring to. (search for milk).

So, no, LOT airlines will allow you to fill your entire hand-luggage with milk. It is the EU customs (not Polish customs in particular) who have a problem with that milk. They will not, however, send your cookies to the lab to check for traces of milk or meat. The sole reason for the milk and meat restrictions is the risk of bacterial contamination and that means you can’t bring a tub of yogurt, but the cookies, having been through an oven, are as dead as a rock.

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