Can we not use grease papers when baking cookies?

Question by ANN: Can we not use grease papers when baking cookies?
Im bored at home now and i wanna bake cookies but im too lazy to buy grease paper. Can we not use them?

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Answer by wxyz
Depends on the fat content of the cookie. If there is enough fat in the cookie they won’t stick, when I make chocolate chip cookies I never use anything on the cookie sheet.

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  1. Emi says:

    absolutely, grease it with a little butter so the cookies won’t stick and your set.

  2. Screamin' Eagle says:


    If you don’t have a non-stick cookie sheet or pan you can use a little smear of butter, margarine, lard, some cooking spray, or lightly dust it with flour.

    Don’t forget to save your contributors a few!!!!!!!

  3. angelisauce says:

    I’ve never used grease paper on my baking sheets. Most cookies that have any kind of fat in them don’t need them.

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