Can I store wedding favour cookies like this?

Question by busee bee mummee: Can I store wedding favour cookies like this?
I am making 100 wedding cake shaped cookies to be used as favours for a friends wedding in just over 2 weeks time. They are going to be iced with a layer of fondant icing and then placed in a clear cellophane bag tied with a ribbon.

When can I start making the cookies from and can I decorate them and then store them in the sealed bags will they stay fresh? How long for?

thank you and can I freeze them just in freezer bags?

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Answer by Megan
unless you are premaking the cookies and freezing them i would not make them any earlier than ONE week from the wedding day, but if you are preparing these your self, id make the cookies and freeze them and then decorate 2-3 days before wedding and bag at that point.

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