Can I prune a Japanese maple tree?

Question by my2thingz: Can I prune a Japanese maple tree?
I have a Japanese maple that is gorgeous, but I planted it a bit too close to my porch, and its starting to spread out, covering part of my patio. I need to know if I can prune it, and if so, when. Thanks!

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Answer by Jasmyn
I love Japanese Maples, too. They have such lacy, delicate leaves. Yes, you can prune it. Spring is the best time, fall is the second best, and dormant winter pruning is my third choice. Get a book on pruning so you do it right, cutting any crossing branches. Selectively prune branches all the way to the main branch so as to let more light in and make a healthier tree.

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  1. grannygrunt28391 says:

    Contrary to jasmyn the landscaper answer, the correct time to prune is ; see excerpt from article below.

    Major pruning should be done during the dormant season after the leave have fallen, from late November to early January, well before the sap starts rising prior to leaf production in the spring. Corrective pruning and training can be done at any time of the year, however, except when the sap is rising and all the plant’s energy is devoted to the emergence and development of the young leaves. Cuts should be made just beyond a pair of buds on the twig. Usually, this will then produce two side shoots. Open Link below for more.

    …………….Pruning Japanese Maples
    …………..Photo Instructions………………..,42,55_12/photoessays/pruning/index.html

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