Can I just substitute sugar for splenda to bake cookies?

Question by browneyedgirl: Can I just substitute sugar for splenda to bake cookies?
I want to bake some sugar free cookies. My mother is diabetic and has a restricted diet. I bake cookies every Christmas but don’t want to leave her out. So, can I just switch the two ingredients or do I have to modify the ingredients even more? Is vanilla extract okay for a diabetic to have?

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Answer by Ashley
They make baking splenda, but I think it has sugar in it too. Look into raw diet recipes, they’re delicious and a lot of times don’t have sugar in them (though they would have natural sugars in them from the fruits and such)

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  1. micksmixxx says:

    I take it what you meant to ask is if you can substitute splenda for sugar. The answer is yes, but you will not need as much splenda as you do sugar as it has a sweeter taste than sugar.

  2. TheOrange Evil says:

    I have baked with Splenda. Splenda works well. There’s a bitter aftertaste sometimes, though.

    You can bake sugar-free cookies for your mother, but keep in mind that diabetics don’t only limit sugar. We restrict all carbohydrates. So, if you’re going to make normal cookies with processed wheat flour and just substitute the sugar, your mother may not be able to eat them. Also, Splenda in powdered form actually has a lot of carbohydrates in it from all the bulking agents. They tend to be carbs that are metabolized more slowly, but on top of the carbs from the flour, your cookies will still be very high carb.

    Vanilla extract is okay. Even though it has sugar, you use so little of it in your baking that it works out to a fraction of a carb per cookie and has a negligible effect on blood sugar.

    Just ask your mom how many carbs she aims for in a day and if she eats wheat or grains. Try to calculate out what one cookie with Splenda would be for her.

    It’s too late now because it’s already Christmas, but for next year, you could look into purchasing almond flour or making your own nut flour out of pecans. I make almond flour gingersnaps. There’s no flour, just ground up almonds, eggs, vanilla extract, a sugar-free sweetener, spices, and a little water. I’m also making a low-carb pumpkin cheesecake. The crust is chopped pecans, the filling is pumpkin puree, cream cheese, egg, sour cream, sweetener, and pumpkin pie spice.

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