can i feed my dog oatmeal cookies?

Question by Ashley baby: can i feed my dog oatmeal cookies?
my dog loves eating oatmeal cookies and i cant understand why she eats them….is it safe for her…lol she learned how to open the cookie pakage….it has no choclae in it so please help!!!!

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Answer by Bozema
It’s best not to feed dogs people food – it leads to begging and fat dogs. But oatmeal cookies are probably not the worst as an occasional treat.

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  1. harmony says:

    The cookies should not hurt her. I wouldn’t let her eat a lot of them. They are not much different than a dog treat , not counting the sugar.

  2. Peek-A-Poo says:

    My dogs like them too, I suppose many would say no, but I don’t see anything that would hurt them. Everyone likes treats. They have never had a problem with them, and they are toy dogs.

  3. Scott W says:

    Oatmeal can be hard on the dog’s digestive system. I would refrain from feeding it cookies at all unless they come out of a “Milkbone” box. Sugar is BAD for dogs, and Oatmeal cookies have sugar.

  4. Rockie says:

    Sweets like suger and salt aren’t that good for dogs. Oatmeal cookies are fine if they don’t have choclate.Homemade are best because they dont have preservatives and stuff.
    Or just go to a pet store and look for a dog treat similar.

  5. chihuahua lady says:

    Dogs should not be fed a lot of sweets. Keep the package up where she cannot get to them. They make dog cookies that are like chocolate chip. It has carob in it instead of chocolate. Dogs love them and they are okay for dogs.

  6. mischa says:

    My dog loves oatmeal cookies!!

  7. WILD KAT says:

    please stop the cookies, now !!! dogs need only dog food, fresh water, bones, toys, and lots of training, love.
    their system is not made for human food.
    god bless you.
    saint bernard breeder in indiana since 1977.

  8. tom l says:

    You will not be giving a dog enough of anything to worry about with an oatmeal cookie, and I am yet to see a dog that doesn’t go nuts over them.

  9. atrdgsfdhgsddgfd s says:

    you can feed your dogs anything even chocolate depending on how it reacts to it but not onions it’s poisonous tho they usually able to throw it up

  10. brentlucky says:

    no because Theres Sugar and dogs dont need sugar in there diet may cause illnesses but its ok once in a awhile.

    To be vet.

  11. Digger says:

    It is a bit of a problem if your dog is helping herself to the cookies as she will simply be consuming them in far too great of a quantity. An occaisional cookie, however, is not going to be a problem. Many other responses have referred to chocolate chip cookies being a grave danger, it is, again, a matter of quantity and concentration that leads to chocolate or sugar sickness. Moderation is key. . .and a more secure cookie jar!!

  12. JOHOHL says:

    no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the butter and sugar in the cookies are very dangerous to dogs. please take them out her reach before she gets seriously ill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ..... says:

    ya, sure..

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