can any cookie be made into a cookie bar?

Question by androdameia: can any cookie be made into a cookie bar?
i’m shipping them and i need them to hold up. if they can be made into a cookie bar, do i have to do anything different to them? thanks!!
i didn’t think about the time being different- any ideas about how different, shorter or longer than the regular cookie? i would assume longer, but don’t know by how much!!! thanks!!!

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Answer by burrchillies
Yes, any cookie can be made into a cookie bar. I actually think they’re better that way!

Good luck and I hope your recipient enjoys their gift!

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  1. Sec In The City says:

    I just had a Fox’s Cookie Bar.
    Anything can be made into a bar.

  2. annienyc_1120 says:

    You don’t need to change anything in the recipe. Just spread them out in a tin. Make sure you don’t make them too thin or they will break. Watch them in the oven as the timing will be a little different.

  3. Chris H says:

    just watch the time in the oven so they aren’t under or overdone. if you need to ship them a long distance freeze them and ship with a cold pack and lots of insulation like foam wrap to keep them fresh longer.

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