Cake decorating – making halloween cookies

Get in the spooky spirit and satisfy your sweet tooth with these delicious melted candy bar cookies! To see the full “Halloween Sweet Treats” playlist click here: Jessie Jane from Lilyshop ( shares a melt-in-your-mouth cookie recipe that’s perfect for a holiday party. Don’t forget to click below to subscribe to our channel for more great videos! SUBSCRIBE TO MODERNMOM SUBSCRIBE TO FOOD WISHES SUBSCRIBE TO ALLRECIPES SUBSCRIBE TO DIVAS CAN COOK SUBSCRIBE TO HUNGRY SUBSCRIBE TO KINCOMMUNITY ********************************************************************** ModernMom is a trusted resource and online community for the “Woman Behind the Mom,” with practical tips, advice, videos and information on parenting, pregnancy, family, career, health, beauty, cooking, crafts and more. Headed up by Dancing with the Stars co-host Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt, ModernMom is full of original content from celebrated experts, authors, bloggers and real moms from all over the world. It’s a one-stop destination for smart, savvy and soulful women who want to be informed, entertained and inspired. — “cookie recipe” “cookie recipes” “candybar cookies” “ModernMom lilyshop” ModernMom LilyShop recipe “Halloween treats” Halloween cookies “Halloween cookies” candybar candy “Halloween candy cookies” “candy cookies” “Halloween Sweet Treats” “how to” how-to “how to make” “recipe how to” “cooking how to” “bake cookies”
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  1. Liliana da Silva says:

    Thank you very much.

  2. baam brandy says:

    amazing :) 

  3. YesItsCod says:

    Cod tastes better

  4. Mustafa Ansari says:


  5. Thereisalwaysmore says:

    And if your single I would love to date either of you as well, :) . 

  6. Thereisalwaysmore says:

    I am not going to say the other word because i think it may come off as being disrespectful to you ladies. But my gosh if you are moms. Your both super HOT!

  7. Haloskeeper1 says:

    omg, did i say omg!!

  8. InfernalSatan1 says:

    хватит жрать!!!

  9. Thursday121am says:

    can u make me some? i want! nom nom nom…

  10. Yusuf Muhammad says:

    love it! i can’t wait to make em! yum!! :)

  11. Canyon Lione says:

    Haha, I love how white girls stay actin’ white girls until they’re like 70.

  12. pinksugerplum says:

    I’m so gonna make these next year!!!

  13. IamIceQueen7 says:

    can i have the cookie recipe you used in this video ?? it looks good !!

  14. lilyshopinc says:

    Thanks! 3 and 1 : ) 

  15. BigFudge12 says:

    Congratulations ! how old are they ?

  16. sumbul yousuf says:

    omg u dont look like a mom.but yes a modern mom:-)

  17. lilyshopinc says:

    Yes! I have 2 baby girls : )

  18. modernmom says:

    Yep – an aerobics class from the 1980s LOL. It was their makeshift Halloween costume…

  19. pavelow235 says:

    Fresh from the aerobics class ladies?

  20. BigFudge12 says:

    are you a mom ?

  21. Tadas Armonavičius says:

    it was blood … du-uh – it’s haloween – that’s common knowlage mothers turn into cookie-loving, costume-shifting vampires ;D

  22. Tadas Armonavičius says:

    where I live our mothers WILL make you fat without any channels… and if we’d introduce you to our grandmothers, you would be never seen again :D

  23. lilyshopinc says:

    They are so good!! : )

  24. lilyshopinc says:

    I was using food coloring in the previous video : )

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