Butter-Free Sugar Cookie Recipe : Baking Cookies & More

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Soft Spoken/tapping on metal/ASMR Danish Butter Cookies!

The AVS Video watermark DOES go away after the first minute, sorrry!xo.
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  1. Alexis Ramirez says:

    I tryed them and they were AMAZING!!thx for doing the viedo

  2. zahra alwasity says:

    good job

  3. laura duong says:

    when I made this it was growing and growing but when we ate it it tasted
    like it wasn’t cooked, what did I do

  4. alizeh mohsin says:

    Made these hade a eggy flavor

  5. ohheyylizzie says:

    Do you have to put baking powder

  6. Kimi Jokinen says:

    You have a perfect voice for ASMR.

  7. CaptainOfMySoul87 says:


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