Bodybuilding Low Fat Banana Bread Cookies.

Bodybuilding Low Fat Banana Bread Cookies.

This is another video on my new channel, CampbellFitnessTV. If you like this one, or any of my other videos, please be sure to check out my main channel: This is a video response to: I used: 1.5 scoops vanilla protein powder 1 cup oatmeal 3/4 cup bran 1 banana 2 stevia packets 1 tblspn extra virgin olive oil 6 egg whites Mix everything together in a big bowl, then place on a cookie sheet (spray with non stick cooking spray first). Then bake for 15 min @ 325 degrees. Shirts: US site: Euro site: UK site:

This holiday season, bake up some delicious low-fat gingerbread cookies for a guilt-free dessert.
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  1. freebirdh says:

    sorry for the swearing…

  2. tiffany mikkelson says:

    vegan powdered sugar is made from evaporated cane sugar. normal cane sugar is sifted through with charred bones from animals thus making it non-vegan

  3. freebirdh says:

    what the f is vegan powdered sugar i thought sugar was already vegan wtf

  4. Katherine Lawrence says:

    Maria, I haven’t tried that but I think it would work. The reason I left that small amount of vegan butter in there was so they’d have a smoother texture. Also, if you want to make them even lower-fat, just use more applesauce or a prune puree instead of the margarine.

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