Blossomedge Floral Cookie bouquets

Introducing Blossomedge! The beautiful and simple new way to create stunning realistic-looking flower bouquets out of cookies…

IIDX DJ TROOPERS CS - Cookie Bouquets (SPA) Autoplay [720p compatibility] – 720p Video Link IIDX DJ TROOPERS CS – Cookie Bouquets (SPA) Autoplay [720p compatibility]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. PTSTelevision says:


    You’re literally the -worst- type of person. Grats.

  2. Crohbar says:

    No speedcore here, dude. I think you mean drum’n'bass or breakcore.

  3. PTSTelevision says:

    Am I really the only person here who would rather the speedcore shit be taken out of this otherwise awesome song..?

  4. novinovitsu says:

    Lyrics for this song are nuts, things like I begin to weep with sympathy, he wil always know of misery. Anyone proficient in engrish able to decipher more?

  5. yamitech says:

    Any body know where i can fine the BMS of this?


    hell yeah , me too

  7. masterpj55 says:

    The way she was she singing at the begin at the song reminds me of a song of hatsune miku

  8. djFrog11 says:

    the turntable and breaks at/after 0:29
    that rolling sound/kinda garbled 1:08
    snares at 1:20
    pretty much all the drums 1:28 and over…. the whole song gee
    just listen carefully… you know steel needle is in there

  9. jeffonsi says:

    Every song has a 14K chart in Troopers CS, and I apologize for what I said. I do not work for konami, or any of these artists. I just wanted to give the MP3′s to anyone who wants them for their bemani music collection or ipod or whatever. I won’t distribute them then if your so intent on making an issue out of it!

  10. kynayo says:

    It’s true that the authors need money, but:
    1) It’s these versions, it isn’t the full version that comes with the CD (even though it’s from the IIDX soundstrack).
    2) What if he’s had permission to give it away?
    3) have you ever thought that he might work with these guys?

    I forget if he actually works with them or what, but seriously, what’s your problem calling him a fucking idiot?

  11. kynayo says:

    he’s talking to dnabstract and fuolox.

  12. Booshibonton says:

    Does this have a 14k chart as well?

  13. CompassIIDX says:

    lol. Claiming it “includes sound samples from Steel Needle” ain’t helping either. What samples are you talking about? As someone else already pointed out, the Amen Break is hardly unique to Steel Needle (unless the use of English words are unique to my post).

  14. Booshibonton says:

    What? Who are you talking to?

  15. jeffonsi says:

    And you can go fuck yourself. Get a life.

  16. jeffonsi says:

    whatever T.T This is what i get for being nice.

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