Bizarre Japanese Candy Review: Cookies, Gummies and Grape Candy!

Hello everyone! We have three candies to review today! Oh, the excitement! Shane and I conducted our review at Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo. The first c…
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  1. Kelly Velez says:

    Is he your brother

  2. RachelChanHetalia says:

    I love the grape one it tasted very good

  3. Katelynn Tran says:

    I had the grape one and it taste so good

  4. vintagerosenz says:

    Have you ever tried this bar that has an outside like a white chocolate bar and inside it has a white filling? I saw it online but forgot the name. Someone told me it has an ice-cream filling or something like that?

  5. Its Just Mars says:

    no problem im sure your gonna love them

  6. AdorableMayhem says:

    I was just at the Japanese supermarket and I saw those fish-shaped ice cream bars! I was curious about them because it looked like the fish wafer biscuits I tried. I love Japanese culture and food as well! I will have to give those oishi pillows a try! I saw your video you posted on them and they looked delicious! Thanks for the recommendation! :-)

  7. AdorableMayhem says:

    I purchased them from Mitsuwa Marketplace. Go onto their website and you can see if there is a store location in your area. :-)

  8. Its Just Mars says:

    lol i buy all sorts of Japanese food . great minds think alike i had a bizarre eats and treats little series of the odd food im in love with their food and culture. ive had one of those fish but it was an icecream. you should try oishi pillows they are sooooo good.

  9. AdorableMayhem says:

    I purchased the Meito fish wafer biscuits from Nijiya Market. Most of their store locations are in California, however, they have a few others in Hawaii and New York. Check out their website and see if their is one in your area. Yes, those goats were awfully cute and very tame! Almost makes you want to take one home for yourself. :-)

  10. AdorableMayhem says:

    I purchased the the grape candy, Puchitto Kudamono from Mitsuwa Marketplace. Check their website to see where there is one in your area. It tastes good and it’s fun to eat! :-)

  11. mattfanv1 says:

    where can i get maple fish
    and where can i get a goat lol
    this is why i love japanese candy better then american crap

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