Betty’s Orange Halloween Frosting for Chocolate Cookies

In this video, Betty makes Halloween Orange Frosting for Cookies. This is made with confectioner’s sugar, and a white shortening. Yellow and red food colorin…
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  1. gemmygirl13 says:

    Haha he licked the spoon :D He’s adorable!

  2. Betty's Kitchen says:

    I will make Shepherd’s Pie sometime, but it is not high priority. I think
    it would have limited viewership on my channel, which is mainly Southern
    cooking. –Betty :)

  3. James Marshall says:

    Betty I made these cookies this morning but I couldn’t wait to put the
    frosting on them and I ended up eating them all! They are super yummy, but
    I personally would put less sugar in mine. I am in the UK however so I may
    have converted the units wrong.

  4. Jeanette Poteete says:

    I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now Betty, and I always enjoy
    them. I have all the ingredients to make the cookies (not the frosting),
    and I’m so tempted to make them. I’d also like to try your gingerbread. I
    love this time of year.

  5. Ken M says:

    Thats why GMA invited her to do their show! She does GREAT on tv!!! Hope
    you all seen her on GMA recently. If not you can find it on her page here!

  6. Susan O'Brien says:

    We don’t really celebrate Halloween in England but we do love all the fun
    our American friends have, and all the scary movies! Have a great
    Halloween, Betty. You are just wonderful with Carter. I wish I’d had
    grandparents when I was his age. It seems so much fun. :o )

  7. Betty's Kitchen says:

    I think “too” is the operative word here. Thanks for the lovely comment,
    Elba. Love, –Betty :)

  8. 6151RichmondStreet says:

    Great job Carter!!! : ) Happy Halloween!!!

  9. Amy Lynn's Kitchen says:

    Carter is so sweet! Your frosting turned out a beautiful color and I know
    it’s absolutely delicious! Happy Halloween!!! Love ya…

  10. Dulcie Fleming says:

    Oh…he is so cute! I love doing cookies and having the kids help icing
    them. It is a trial in patience but I still love it! <3

  11. Patricia G.G. says:

    Wonderful frosting Betty! I love recipes like this. And good job Carter!
    Love you, Patricia.

  12. Betty's Kitchen says:

    Thanks for the sweet comment, Patricia! I really appreciate it! Love,
    –Betty :)

  13. Giselle Lopez says:

    I like your old presentation:(

  14. lorijeans59 says:

    Halloween is evil but Fall Season is wonderful minus the halloween. Love
    Pumpkins,cookies and candy apples. God made pumpkins but not for halloween

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