Better for Bread flour for shortbread cookies?

Question by Kristi G: Better for Bread flour for shortbread cookies?
I need to make shortbread cookies tonight but just realized I only have about half the all-purpose flour I need. I do have some Better for Bread flour. Will this ruin the recipe if I use half B4B flour?
Ahh! I don’t have a sifter! I should be more prepared.

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Answer by Dottie R
Sift your b4b flour before measuring and it should be fine for the shortbread cookies.

Don’t forget to add AP flour to your shopping list!

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  1. Sugar Pie says:

    Take out 2 Tbsp of bread flour for each cup of it you sub for a/p flour. That shoudl approximate the same gluten content as intended in the recipe.

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