Beth’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies


  1. Brian Lim says:

    I love your videos Beth!!! I tried this recipe, but I decided to make my
    own toffee bits, and they ended up melting in the oven and making a huge
    mess… The cookies looked pretty bad but they tasted lovely!

  2. gocelinedion says:

    Also, how come you only use 1 cup of sugar and why do you over beat them
    for 5 minutes? Wouldn’t that make a hard cookie if you overwork the batter?

  3. Noel Quek says:

    Hi I would just like to ask in this recipe, how big is your ice cream
    scoop? Is it like 1/4 cup or smaller? Thanks! 

  4. Grace Suzette says:

    I’m gonna try to adopt this to a vegan version. Mon dieu! Toffee :P I never
    thought about adding that to cookies. Yes please with a cup of chai tea. I
    love this ladies’ channel! Subscribed!

  5. Marta Jurisic says:

    That looks so good. :) 

  6. Thomas Bruce says:

    These sound amazing!

  7. Entertaining With Beth says:

    Correct. If you live in the states, 1 cup of butter is 2 sticks :)

  8. 1Deena3 says:

    is 1 cup of butter is 2 sticks of butter ?

  9. Peace597 says:

    I’ve decided to make it on mom’s birthday next week :D i hope it’ll be
    amazing ! BIG THANKS

  10. Entertaining With Beth says:

    Ha ha ha!! So glad you like them! :)

  11. Meldis007 says:

    Oh god… I’m caught up in all your videos. I don’t know what to start with
    Wednesday ^^ Macarons…no cookies…no S’more Pie…no… aaah to many
    great things *-* greets from Germany ;)

  12. Miracle Mandis says:

    what if I don’t have combine? :( P.S. I love your channel! You make things
    look simple and beautiful! Thank you <3

  13. PaulsGamingHub says:

    Looks so Good

  14. kj2875 says:

    Hey Beth you are such an inspiration to me… your recipes, but
    please please please help me out with some more tips of decorating food,
    like buffet tables, birthday parties…I get the food ready but display is
    really worrying me. Please show us some tips and tricks to showcase these
    amazing efforts in simple and affordable displays..thanks KJ from Markham

  15. Lexi Chan says:

    Making these tomorrow, look delicious!

  16. Grace Yu says:

    I love it.

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