Best Ganja Butter Cookies part 2.

Part two of best ever Cannabutter cookie recipe. Get full DVD w/ 5 bonus non-sugar recipes by emailing Sold only in states with medica…
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  1. MrMeuludine says:

    best of the best. I remember the year 2010 when your recepies comes out. I
    made the most brutal cookies :D . And stel doing it that way. Tnx you, you
    are the best, and your cookies are delicious. :) So lets get back into the
    kitchen, stil a lot of work to do. :D . Right now I have a cca 6kg of
    strong canna butter. And 500g of weed. So I could allso sad hashis it is.
    (ice hash) :D . Sry for bad english. Bless from Slovenia.

  2. fyaflamespitta says:

    @technofeind hahahaha fact

  3. stevenson66666666 says:

    When you made your ganja butter, did you use the bud? or the leaf? and was
    this 2 sets of 3 cups of flower? or did you just use 6 cups because you
    made a extra?

  4. Nick Tran says:

    Google Chrome cookies!

  5. cherylcake4u says:

    @1D4NC3R Thanks for watching. Yes, there is no leavening in the butter
    cookies. It’s like a shortbread. Hope your cookies came out fabulous!

  6. brooklynnyoo says:

    I wish this were my grandma so she can bake me these cookies all the time!

  7. Michael Hoge says:

    I want to make These cookies! I was wondering if anyone could answer my
    question? Can i use the Trimmings off of my harvest this year? Do i have to
    let the leaves dry or could i use them after trimming them right off the
    bud? Oh ya..and how strong is the butter? Is it safe for my mom to eat one!
    How many cookies does it take to stone ya?!

  8. Ikickasscuzitsfun says:

    who cares man weed is good. its not like shes beating them or smoking
    crack. just get high and munch on some cheetos

  9. jay whitey says:

    with ganja there always rollin lol

  10. 1D4NC3R says:

    Ok, I love the videos and enjoyed you and your knowledge. I appreciate it
    all =)) Quick question though, sorry. No baking soda or baking powder ??
    Getting ready to try it myself here in a day or so and just wanted to make
    sure they turned out as great as yours did. I apologize again, I am
    medicated =)) Take care, peace.

  11. cherylcake4u says:

    @fatfatcrap1 Yeah, you should let the leaves dry, so the chlorophyll taste
    isn’t as strong. As far as your Mom goes, she has to be over 21, otherwise
    hide them in a locked liquor cabinet.

  12. cherylcake4u says:

    @19josh77 there’s deffinitely a smell. Do it when the kids are in school,
    or send em to Grandma’s.

  13. caboose4895 says:

    Mommy can I lick the spoon?

  14. Alex Argente says:

    your husband is a lucky man

  15. cherylcake4u says:

    @tonechaser56 The recipe I give is for one batch, I just show me making 2
    batches, so I can show different flavors. For good bud instead of shake,
    you can use 1/4 oz. instead of the full ounce of shake. hope this helps.

  16. Bondz45 says:

    COOL mom

  17. meaning1 says:

    @cherylcake4u Roughly how potent are these cookies? How many would it
    usually take for a significant effect to occur? I know that it varies,
    based on the proportion of leaf used, as well as the plant itself, but
    would, say, 6 cookies get me pretty…relaxed?

  18. hendsem says:


  19. cherylcake4u says:

    @austx187 You would use 1/4 of the amount, if you used bud instead of leaf.
    Thanx 4 watchin & happy trails!

  20. cherylcake4u says:

    @arud420 you found me out…tee hee.

  21. cherylcake4u says:

    @Akira861 no insult taken when I am in the same sentence as Uma!!!

  22. coolhandnick says:

    Totally agreed, possibly worlds hippest grandma.

  23. TiberiusFTW says:

    I wish you were my mom

  24. haruFreebird says:

    hi hun. you are awesome. i love your videos and the way you explain things.
    thank you for sharing your knowledge <3

  25. Tim Evans says:

    By far the best and most descriptive video on how to make cannabutter. She
    took it a step further and gave us an awesome cookie recipe too! Thank you
    Cheryl your the greatest. Im gonna give it a try in the next few days:)

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