Best addition to chocolate pudding?

Question by Autumn: Best addition to chocolate pudding?
Some add in bits of candy bars, or crushed cookies. Whats your favorite way to eat chocolate pudding?

Best answer:

Answer by callie
sprinkles! like in buffets!

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  1. sanbox69 says:

    on my wife

  2. Elyseholly says:

    oreos. yum

  3. tylerdurden.... says:

    with a mountain of whipped cream

  4. renalalala says:

    hmmm. whip creme and oreo cookie smashed over the top! yummmmmmm

  5. Beagle says:

    with peanut butter.

  6. skcs11 says:

    nothing, just plain is the best

  7. LiveLaughLove10 says:

    marshmallows and sprinkles =]

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