Bakingpapa- Korean sugar cookies,dalgona

This video is for link purpose to my blog. If you want to see my recipes, click this link:, even though they are written in Korean, you…

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  1. Miss A says:


  2. Lhovely Dela Cruz says:

    Baking soda or Baking powder 

  3. Rawan Bawazir says:

    00:45 what did you add???

  4. Just One Day says:

    i came to watch this because of EXO Showtime..thanks for the video. I gonna
    make it soon :) 

  5. aidscommmm says:

    지금은 달고나로 바뀌였져

  6. LOfallingVE251 says:

    First saw this in outing. Hehe

  7. LOfallingVE251 says:

    Just made this. Like right now. Yum.

  8. parkso0802 says:


  9. magesneaky says:

    English comment coming through! Thank you for the video! I saw them making
    this (or at least trying to) on family outing and I really wanted to try it
    out too, so thank you!

  10. kjh8174 says:


  11. lolz8booyah says:

    Mine turns really sticky and can’t even come off the plate.. But I used
    crystallized sugar… Can someone help me???

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