Are there any stores that sell irish food in Toronto?

Question by Maria: Are there any stores that sell irish food in Toronto?
I’m looking for things like cereal, tea, beans and cookies. Any help would be great.

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Answer by Gaspode
Irish food is illegal in Toronto.

OK, it isn’t, there are sources on the web. The best things though you can make yourself, like bubble and squeek.

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  1. David H says:

    Most stores sell Mc Cann’s Irish oatmeal, tea is harder, the PriceChopper stores sell PG Tips it is from Ireland, as far as beans, we have Heinz beans here like in the UK and Ireland but are manufactured in Canada.

    In Toronto the Bya on Queen might have some, I worked there in the 1980′s when it was Simpson’s, we had Scottish and Irish food products and the old Eaton did to, but exact Irish specialtitys is difficult as we have most of the same things here, when I worked on Elm Street, there was a tobacconist in the Atrium on Bay that sold UK sweets, Walnut whip, Turkish delight and Flakey.

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