Are sugar-free cookies and snacks okay to eat during the induction phase of the Atkins diet?

Question by crush: Are sugar-free cookies and snacks okay to eat during the induction phase of the Atkins diet?
I have been on the Atkins diet for 4 days now and I wanted to know if I can eat sugar-free snacks (ice cream, cookies, candy, etc.) during the induction phase.

If I do eat that, would it slow my results or change my results?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by linda
STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR FREE STUFF!!!!! they have aspartame!!!!!! do a little research about that!!!! splenda not good either

as long as they have no sugar added… and they dont have aspartame (sometimes it comes in a different name i think)

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  1. favre_84 says:

    atkins is the worst diet for you to do it makes your bad cholesterol skyrocket

  2. Chelsy H says:

    it’s fine JUST DON’T EAT A LOT OF THEM!

  3. njagalamalaya says:

    It depends on how many carbs it has in it. I bet you anything that you are full of carbs. They might have 0 sugar carbs but the reg. carbs will be alot. Definitely look at the back of the pack.

  4. jimmie_boy says:

    there’s a reason nobody does atkins anymore

  5. captain jimbo says:

    NO. Sugar-free cookies are high in carbohydrates. On the Atkins Diet you are supposed to eat meat, fish, and other proteins, and avoid breads, cereals, chips, crackers, pasta, and above all baked goods like cookies and cake. It isn’t just the sugar which gets turned to fat, it is the carbs which get turned into fat and stored on your body.

    The fact that they are “sugar-free” means they used sugar alcohol, which racks havok on your liver, especially if you are older and have type 2 diabetes.

    If you are going to eat sugar-free snacks then forget about going Atkins. You are cutting back on fat produced from carbohydrates, only to load up on carbs from other sources.

    If you are aiming to lose weight and reduce your fat stored on your stomach, legs, and and arms then you need to avoid most carbohydrates. Eat meat, vegetables, and fruit.

    It is very hard to give up bread, pasta, cereals, cookies, and cake, and reduce your intake of dairy products like milk, ice cream, and cheese. If you don’t, it won’t only slow your results, it can cancel or reverse your results.

    Try reducing your portions of food, eating a big breakfast, small lunch and small dinner. Don’t snack while watching television. Don’t eat after 6PM. Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily or at least 3 times a week, by walking or jogging, or bicycling.

    Good book is Diet by Blood Type. Depending on your blood type, Atkins might NOT work for you. Type O, and Type B can go Atkins. Type A blood doesn’t go good with Atkins life style.

    Another good diet is the Zone Diet. This is based on different combinations of foods in small portions more than three times a day. This is good if you like to snack. Certain foods when combined like Meat and fruit create too much acid in your blood, which isn’t healthy.

    There is a unlimited abundance of diet information. You have to find a system or combination of systems which work for your metabolism.

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