Are granola based treats good for dogs?

Question by Carl M: Are granola based treats good for dogs?
I have a 10 year old yorkie male (5lbs) who is getting tired of eating his pescription food and treats. I would like to give him something beneficial and tasty but I am not sure how he would react to the ingredients like nuts. He really likes chinese fortune cookies and every once in a while we will reward him with a small taste.

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Answer by Dogjudge
Stay away from anything with chocolate, or raisins in it. Macadamia nuts can be an issue.

You might want to check

Unless a dog is sick, they will eat what they need. If your dog is on a prescription food there’s a reason for it, stay on it.

Dave SFV thanks for picking up on prescription food, I missed that.

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  1. DaveSFV says:

    Not knowing what medical condition afflicts your dog or what prescription diet the dog is on makes your question unanswerable.

  2. star_gazer_9999 says:

    Have you considered a raw foods diet? Do some research, it may change your mind!

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