Any ideas on what to sell at a small womans craft fair?

Question by gloriataffolla: Any ideas on what to sell at a small womans craft fair?
I’ve been invited to sell something of my choice in a local hotel suite that was rented by a promoter who will rent out spaces.There will be a Cookie Lee Jewelry table,handbags,adult toys,fashion clothing etc.I need a idea that appeals to young women who are in their 20′ and 30′s,that I can make or buy cheap,any ideas?I live in Orange County,California

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Answer by Rev. Michelle
jewelry is always a good seller

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  1. yarnwoman says:

    Scarves of all sizes shapes and fabrics for any season. If you knit or crochet, or know someone who does, wrist-warmers are fast and easy to make and don’t use a lot of yarn. Also, find instructions online for sewing a simple tote bag. Do a search for “free instructions fabric totes”. Good luck and have fun.

  2. Kacky says:

    If you can sew, cell phone cases and eyeglass cases are cheap to make and popular. Also jewelry pouches with a polishing cloth for a lining.

  3. Starr says:

    Go to a bookstore and look at the bookmarks hanging near the checkout. They’re just ribbon or cord with beads sewn on the ends….but very neat! I know i’d like to have a few. Quick and easy.

  4. ukquilter says:

    As well as the previous great ideas – does what you make have to appeal to young women? Christmas is coming up and they might be looking for nice things for mums and aunties (who, of course, might like exactly the same things as them) and you could suggest ‘buy early for Christmas’!

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