Anthony’s Peseta Bar Italian Cookies

Anthony's Peseta Bar Italian Cookies

This is an amazing Italian cookie that my grandma Salerno used to make that would only come out during Christmas time. Packed with wonderful flavors of Almonds, Chocolate, cloves, cinnamon, orange and lemon. Similar to a biscotti but not as crunchy and more substantial. Detailed recipe is located here: This a great cookie to have for desert with Espresso Coffee. EnJoY!
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  1. chompo7 says:

    what great looking cookies,its amazing all the hard work our grandmothers did isnt it?
    its amazing all the stuff i took for granted and how easy they made it look. both of my grandma’s
    along with all my aunts are gone and with them went all these great traditions.i try to keep them going for the next generation,especially the christmas/easter things that were so special to our italian american heritage.i miss my grandmothers very much.

  2. MrEZCooking says:

    My mom and grandma did not make them exactly like yours and did not even call them Peseta. Peseta was money in old spain! Mom made them chock full of nuts and stuff more like a biscotti but in a bar form and no frosting! I come from an Italian hood in Brooklyn called Flatbush! Lot’s of good Italian food! YUM!

  3. anthonysitalianfood says:

    Wow! No kidding? I’ve never seen them anywhere else but in my family and nobody I have ever talked with (including Italian) knew what they were. Maybe your a relative. You don’t have any Capozzi’s in your family history do you? ;-) My grandmothers last name was Capozzi then she married and was a Salerno. If you grew up with this cookie that that is a thing to be cherished. One of the lucky few. This cookie is one of the things I looked forward to Christmas for ;-)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. MrEZCooking says:

    I used to eat those when I was a kid in NYC! Yes they are a laborious chore to make but well worth it! Great Christmas cookie to! Have a Merry Christmas Tony!

  5. anthonysitalianfood says:

    This is a very special cookie! Very happy to finally have a video of this. It’s quite laborious, but well worth the effort! Happy to share with you.

  6. ma5468 says:

    Absolutely awesome recipe. I tried a new biscotti recipe last night, not a good thing…lol.Will be making this next weekend.Thanks Anthony

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