An Easy Way to Dye Cookie Dough

An Easy Way to Dye Cookie Dough

Have you ever dyed cookie dough and found it incredibly hard to get it evenly incorporated into the dough? I have! And trust me if you have not had that experience, it’s not fun and really frustrating. Plus, when you are kneading the dough trying to incorporate the color, your hands get dyed with the coloring (if you are not wearing gloves), your hands start to hurt and your cookies come out spotty or marbled. So, this simple method should solve those problems for you.

Recently while making our annual plethora of Christmas cookies, my mom and I discovered that there is a much easier and simple way to dye your cookie dough and have the dough come out evenly colored. It is so simple that I wonder why I never thought of it before when it was staring me in the face. What is this method that I have to know, you ask. Well, let me tell you.

While you are assembling all your ingredients and you have your dry ingredients and your wet ingredients ( eggs, milk, extracts, etc.), simply add your food coloring into your wet ingredients. You can even give your wet ingredients a little stir to incorporate the food color to make sure that it’s thoroughly dispersed and mixed in. And there you have it, a simple and quick way to have evenly colored dough!

Note though, that some recipes you can not add the coloring in to the wet because you simply have no choice and it might alter the consistency or the final product of the cookie dough.

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